My Trip to Guatemala

¿Qué pasa?

What is this about? Here it is: This month (January 2017), I'm going to embark on a new travel adventure, from which I intend to share my experiences here. In a nutshell, I'm going to spend 8 weeks in the... Continue Reading →

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Remembering Antigua

Antigua has just so many things to offer. I had the opportunity to see and experience so many great things. I was just sifting through my pictures, and I thought I would share some of them, probably about stuff I... Continue Reading →

Personal Security when Traveling in Guatemala

Guatemala is not considered the safest place to travel. During my preparations of this trip, of course I was thinking many times whether this trip to Guatemala is a good idea from a security perspective. I've studied the travel advice... Continue Reading →

Home Sweet Home

My Guatemala adventure is over. The last leg of my trip was unspectacular as well. No problems at all. No delays, no missing luggage. After the one and a half hour train ride I made it to my home town,... Continue Reading →

I made it to Madrid safely, waiting for my flight to Zurich. Almost at home, looking forward to it! 🙂

¡Adiós Guatemala, nos vemos otra vez!

It is my last day here in Guatemala, time to say good bye. Only 3 hours left until I have to leave for the airport. These 8 weeks have been an incredible experience, and I have learned and seen a... Continue Reading →

My Conclusion of Volunteering

My time on the construction site is over. 4 weeks of hard work, during which I've learned a lot, got some good exercise, and had a great experience in general. I am also grateful that there were no major problems... Continue Reading →

The Privilege to Travel

Traveling is something that I and my social environment take for granted. Sometimes I almost feel bad when I tell people that I am just going to stay at home during my vacation. It is almost normal to go somewhere... Continue Reading →

Visiting the Tikal Maya Ruins

The Tikal Maya ruins are probably the most famous touristic spot here in Guatemala. This weekend, I finally had the chance to visit this magnificent site. My Spanish school offers trips to Tikal, but unfortunately the requirement of at least... Continue Reading →

Building Concrete Walls

As you may have read in my previous post, I am currently working as a volunteer on a construction site, building a house for poor people. After almost 3 weeks on the construction site, my two volunteer fellows and I... Continue Reading →

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