What is this about?

Here it is: This month (January 2017), I’m going to embark on a new travel adventure, from which I intend to share my experiences here. In a nutshell, I’m going to spend 8 weeks in the area of Antigua Guatemala. The time is equally split between taking Spanish classes and being involved in a volunteering project, which I’m particularly excited about.

Also, it is my first attempt to share my experiences in a blog like this, so let’s see how that goes!

Why Guatemala?

So, you might wonder what I am planning to do in Guatemala – and first of all, why I have chosen Guatemala as my destination for my trip. Well, my initial idea was to join a volunteer work program and in the meanwhile brush up my Spanish skills. I take volunteering as an opportunity to give something back to the less fortunate in this world. I’m quite aware that I probably can’t change the world with this, but I still hope to make a small contribution to a good thing happening on this world, making the world slightly better than it was before.

So, with that idea in mind, I went to the travel office. Initially, I had my eye on Costa Rica as my destination. Nevertheless I’ve asked the agent at the travel office if she knew some good alternatives, and that’s when Guatemala appeared on the picture for the first time. Still uncertain, I went home and started researching about this country, reading blogs and travel guides. To me Guatemala started to look like such an interesting country, so I made up my mind and sealed the deal. Another reason why Guatemala seems to be a good choice is the climate. While the conditions in Costa Rica are hot and humid, the highlands of Guatemala have a much more moderate climate, making it more comfortable for people of my latitude.

Also a good place for inspiration for me is Instagram. What do you think?

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I am going to give you further updates in upcoming posts, most probably more regarding my preparation and other pre-departure thoughts, so keep checking back! And – in case you have already done something similar – please let me know if you have some useful tips. ¡Hasta luego!