As you may know by now, I am currently planning an adventure in Guatemala.

Quite an important step while preparing a trip is thinking about the health situation in the destination country. In countries like mine, in which I have the privilege to live in, we take clean water for granted, and diseases such as rabies have almost vanished. So I made an appointment in the doctor’s office, getting some information about the health situation in Guatemala, and – while we’re at it – getting a refresh of some vaccinations.

So, I went home with a lot of information flyers, medications, a sore arm (bloody tetanus shot) and a headache, probably also from the shots I got. And two more are to come in the next couple days.

I hope the first thing towards a return home in good health is done. Still, in my opinion, the main thing to stay safe is to adapt to the local conditions. Not drinking tap water, use disinfectant regularly, no raw veggies, apply mosquito repellent. I think I can adapt to these circumstances. I have been in countries where all those rules apply as well, and I think it went pretty well. Other tips anyone?

¡Hasta la próxima!