You may have read here that I’m going to take Spanish classes in Guatemala. On one hand, this is going to be a preparation for volunteering, but also learning Spanish became a personal goal of mine. My first interaction with Spanish was rather a coincidence. Just for fun (or so that I can earn credits, who knows…), I took a course during my studies, just for one semester. I really started to like this language, and I tried to study a bit more myself. These days, you can find rather interesting resources out there in the Internet, most of them even for free. Podcasts, learning platforms, interactive learning episodes… Here some examples I’ve used so far:

  • Duolingo – A free language-learning platform which offers exercises in various languages, not just Spanish.
  • Podclub – This site offers free podcasts for language students in many languages, Spanish being one of them. There are even Swiss German podcasts available which seem to be particularly interesting!
  • Mi vida loca – An interactive episode offered by the BBC during which you can learn the basics of the Spanish language. Ideal for beginners, or as a refresher.

My basic Spanish skills came in handy when I visited Ecuador and Perú in 2014, which – by the way – is part of the reason why I am going back to Latin America. I plan to write a separate post explaining this a little more elaborate, so keep checking back!

By no means I am going to Guatemala as a fluent Spanish speaker, but I guess I’m able to understand quite a few things, and also have a basic conversation. Knowing a bit of French also helps a great deal, many words are quite similar and therefore quite easy to remember.