My time on the construction site is over. 4 weeks of hard work, during which I’ve learned a lot, got some good exercise, and had a great experience in general. I am also grateful that there were no major problems and accidents during that time period. Given that we were only 5 people on average, I think we have done quite some work. When I started working on this site 4 weeks ago, the only thing that was there were the trenches for the foundation of the house. Many of the armor irons were finished as well. Here’s what we have done in the meanwhile:

  • We finished the assembly of all the armor irons
  • We have constructed the foundation of the house, which is unfortunately invisible now
  • We have started building the walls using bricks
  • We have filled the trenches around the foundation and leveled out the rooms using soil

See the difference?

For those who read my blog for the first time: I’ve shared two posts regarding the general experience after two weeks and mixing concrete – a job that we have done very often.

So, what are my conclusions after these four weeks of volunteering on this construction site? I am leaving with positive memories. They gave us some responsibility and we were not just treated as an aid. We got to do things like mixing concrete and assembling armor irons, which are the base of a stable house at the end. The thing that I’m struggling a bit with is the lack of transparency. We have never met the family who is going to live in that house. In my opinion, the house is quite big, considering a poor family supposedly is going to live there. Also, I would have appreciated a little more presence of the organization in charge – Habitat for Humanity. I just really hope that the money and the effort is going to people who really need it.

But still, as I said, I had a great experience working on this construction site. Below I would like to share some impressions from the last two weeks there.

I hope that the construction work advances well in the next couple weeks. My spot will be taken over by a guy from Belgium, who has been studying at the same Spanish school as I have until now. Good luck and all the best!