My Trip to Guatemala



¡Adiós Guatemala, nos vemos otra vez!

It is my last day here in Guatemala, time to say good bye. Only 3 hours left until I have to leave for the airport. These 8 weeks have been an incredible experience, and I have learned and seen a... Continue Reading →


Visiting the Tikal Maya Ruins

The Tikal Maya ruins are probably the most famous touristic spot here in Guatemala. This weekend, I finally had the chance to visit this magnificent site. My Spanish school offers trips to Tikal, but unfortunately the requirement of at least... Continue Reading →

Some Tips for Hiking Acatenango

Recently I challenged myself and climbed the volcano Acatenango in Guatemala. It was an unbelievable experience for me. You might have read about the experience itself in the blog post I wrote about this hike. In this post however, I... Continue Reading →

Lago Atitlán

My first week at the construction site is over. I hope to write soon how that is going. Just this: It is definitely hard work, so I feel like I deserved this weekend. This weekend we visited Lago Atitlán, which... Continue Reading →

Copán and Macaw Mountain

Guatemala has plenty of things to discover. The 8 weeks that I am spending here are really not enough to see all of it unfortunately. Maybe it sounds a little ironic that I decided to go and see the Mayan... Continue Reading →

Hiking Acatenango

So here is another Volcano story. Since there were not enough people who wanted to go visit the Maya ruins in Tikal, I planned something entirely different. Hiking Acatenango, which is one of the volcanoes surrounding Antigua Guatemala. A large... Continue Reading →

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