My Trip to Guatemala



Remembering Antigua

Antigua has just so many things to offer. I had the opportunity to see and experience so many great things. I was just sifting through my pictures, and I thought I would share some of them, probably about stuff I... Continue Reading →


Visiting the Tikal Maya Ruins

The Tikal Maya ruins are probably the most famous touristic spot here in Guatemala. This weekend, I finally had the chance to visit this magnificent site. My Spanish school offers trips to Tikal, but unfortunately the requirement of at least... Continue Reading →

Copán and Macaw Mountain

Guatemala has plenty of things to discover. The 8 weeks that I am spending here are really not enough to see all of it unfortunately. Maybe it sounds a little ironic that I decided to go and see the Mayan... Continue Reading →

Why I like Latin America

I visited Latin America in 2014. Ecuador and Perú to be a bit more specific. It was an epic experience. In Ecuador, we drove all the way from the country's capital city Quito, situated 2850 m. above sea level, to... Continue Reading →

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